My Recipe:

A cup of Frontend Engineering, a bowl of Backend Engineering, a pinch of Project Management, sprinkles of Developer Operations, and a cherry of Radical Candor on top!

Hey there, I am Saadnoor Salehin Shwapneel

A programmer and problem solver. During my university life at MIST , I solved 500+ ACM problems and participated in many programming contests including ACM ICPC. In the final year , I started to make solution prototypes of real life problems and became champion in DIU App Contest 2017 and runner up in IUT ICT Fest 2017.

After graduating at 2017, I started my professional career as a software engineer at (Jeeon Bangladesh Limited) and solved real life problems related to healthcare in rural areas. There, I developed web apps with Angular and NodeJs, mobile apps with Kotlin and designed scalable architecture on top of AWS.

I led a team of 5 engineers at Digitruck Bangladesh, designed, architected and delivered their first MVP within estimated time. Currently I am working at Cefalo (Norway based consulting company) as a fullstack software engineer. I spend most of the time here designing and implementing a scalable fin-tech solution for a business based on Denmark. Fiddling with Angular, React, .NET core, Microservices, Azure Service Bus, Sqlserver and Docker.

In the weekends, I work with Professor Alexander van Geen from Columbia University on a research project Nolkup to prevent arsenic poisoning through drinking water in Rural areas of Bangladesh - I love to solve problems. Speaking of research, I co-authored some technical papers which was published by IEEE.

When I’m not at a computer, I enjoy traveling, listening to music, reading books and writing shot stories. I wrote 50+ short stories and 100+ flash fictions till today. I love coffeeshops, I go there weekly, sit alone with a latte, and think “ah, I am happy!”

Get in Touch

Email: You can send me email at, I read all emails and reply regularly.

In Person: I love meeting with people in real life, If you are in Dhaka, Bangladesh, want to chat about technologies, problems and solutions, I’ll buy you a coffee at my favourite coffee place - Northend.

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