GCC vs. Clang and How to use bits/stdc++ header in MacOS

Visual C++ was developed by Microsoft, and they don’t support other platforms like Linux. (Typical Microsoft 😛). GNU was a project, started by Richard Stallman in 1984, which eventually produced many popular open-source software tools like Make, Sed, Emacs. GCC was one of them.

Maximum Subarray Sum: Kadanes Algorithm (Dynamic Programming)

Problem: We have to find the maximum subarray sum. Kadanes algorithm is a simple and elegant solution for this problem. Lets dive into this

Server Side Rendering Visualized

Lets take a look, nowadays, how a modern web app is displayed in browser. A typical response sent by an Angular app looks like this,

Introduction To Unit Test in .NET Core Applications By Xunit And Moq

Let’s assume, I have written some introductory sentences about what is unit testing and why it’s important. Let’s jump into main topic directly.

I Wore the Same Outfit for 150 Days and Here is What I’ve Learned

It started 150 days ago when I was maintaining a full-time job at Jeeon, a part-time job at Digitruck and another contractual job offered by Lex

How To Host Ghost For Free

From the very beginning, I had a crush on Ghost. Not only I found it’s UI is cool, but also many of my favourite bloggers use this.

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